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BBQ cleaning service is right near you. We strip down the BBQ and clean it by removing the grease on the carbon. So, before you get on your next barbeque party, get it cleaned by a professional. 

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80% of barbecues that we clean have either dead insects or droppings of cooked food somewhere within the barbecue. As the grill is used, these burn and release toxins in the food we cook that can be dangerous to our health. We commonly clean the excessive grease that releases during the flare-up and grease fire.

Our Process:

We at Dallas Grill cleaning services are pro cleaners who dig into the basics of grill cleaning.

We use the grill brush after removing the left-out food and reduce the amount of char.

The grates are taken off to soak in dish soap. While many forget to clean the bottom of the grill, the base is where the food drops the grease and drips that clog the diffusers.

Small rodents can leave the droppings, and insects get tapped, leaving the insects to contaminate the food.

The grill boxes are not always easy to clean, but our expert team can reach these hard-to-reach areas to give you the best grill with a new look.

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